fter starting my career as a stylist and having an independent personality it was no surprise to the people close to me that I wanted  to own a hair salon.  After acquiring the salon I wanted to decorate it to reflect my style and my taste.  I kept the name Kalon Salon and Spa which is the name Jessica the previous owner had given it. The name is unique and the word Kalon has a wholesome meaning (the ideal of physical and moral beauty especially as conceived by the philosophers of classical Greece). My desire was to have the clients who came to the salon to feel pampered in an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere. So the transformation began with the vision I had.  My clients were supportive of my move and gave me the encouragement to move forward with my dream.

We added several stations and with that came filling those stations with outstanding stylists. I believe Kalon Salon and Spa has an exceptional team of stylists and staff. We are highly trained professionals and we would love to have you come in and check us out. We can give you your own style, with your own taste, and your ideal of physical and moral beauty. 

Valerie Schwiesow 


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Kalon is selling handmade earrings from the Rib Lady (Zimmerman, MN)!  Stop in and check them out!


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